Canada's official speedcubing organization


canadianCUBING is pleased to announce the Vancouver Open, Summer 2008 speedcubing competition, the first competition held in Western Canada. The competition will be held on June 14th, 2008, at Discovery Place Community Room, which is located at 3605 Gilmore Way, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

This is an official WCA event, and as such all official regulations will be followed. Please take some time to read them over before the day of the competition, especially if you have never competed before. You can find the regulations here.

Click here to access the registration form. Registration for the competition will open on Thursday May 1st, 2008 and close on Tuesday June 3rd, 2008. The close date is earlier than normal as this competition is out of province for canadianCUBING and we need to get materials printed before we leave for British Columbia. So register early as to avoid missing the close date. If you miss the online registration, you can still register the morning of the competition for an added cost of $2 to the normal registration fee (see Costs below).

The following are the official events being held at the competition.

  • Magic
  • 2x2x2
  • 3x3x3
  • 3x3x3 One-Handed
  • 3x3x3 Blindfolded
  • 4x4x4
  • 5x5x5

The cost to competitors that register online before the close date will be a $10 entrance fee which will include one event. Each additional event the competitor wishes to enter will be an additional $2 to a maximum of $20. If you miss the online registration, you can register the morning of the competition; the price at that time will be $12 entrance fee and include one event. Each additional event will still be $2.

There is complementary parking at the community centre, but only 35 spots. If you arrive and the spots are all filled, there is plenty of parking within walking distance of the community centre.

Cost for spectators is free of charge. Come out to see the first of its kind, you won’t want to miss all the action.

The prizes for this competition will consist of puzzle prize packs, compliments of Kroeger Inc and Seventowns and certificates complements of canadianCUBING.

We will be holding an after party in the community room immediately following the awards ceremony. We are currently working to solidify catering for the party. It may be pizza, or it may be at the onsite café. Cubers are encouraged to stick around to relax, reflect and enjoy hanging out with other cubers after the stress of the competition has subsided.

The following is the tentative schedule of events for the competition. Please be sure to come and check in or register before the close of registration.

Event Format Time *
Magic Average of 5 9:45AM - 10:00AM
2x2x2 Average of 5 10:00AM – 10:20AM
WELCOME   10:20AM – 10:30AM
3x3x3 - First Round Average of 5 10:30AM – 11:15AM
4x4x4 Combined average of 5 - One solve in less than 4 min to complete the average. 11:15AM - 11:45AM
5x5x5 Combined average of 5 - One solve in less than 5 min to complete the average. 11:45AM - 12:15PM
LUNCH   12:15PM - 1:15PM
3x3x3 - Second Round Average of 5 - Top 20 from first round 1:15PM - 1:45PM
3x3x3 Blindfolded Best of 3 1:45PM - 2:15PM
3x3x3 One Handed Average of 5 2:15PM - 2:45PM
3x3x3 - Final Round Average of 5 - Top 10 from second round 2:45PM - 3:00PM
AWARDS   3:20PM - 3:30PM
AFTER PARTY**   3:30PM - 6:30PM
* These times are guidelines only. The order will not be changed unless discussed with the competitors first.
**After party will be held in the same room as the competition. We will order pizza for all competitors and guests, cost is included in your registartion fees.

We will work in a break in the middle of the day to allow all competitors time to eat. We are in talks with an onsite café to get them to open on the weekend to make it easy for competitors, guests, volunteers and spectators to eat. There is also other food options within driving distance of the venue should anyone wish to leave and come back.

The Palms Motel is the closest motel to the venue. To see a complete list of hotels and motels close to the venue, click here.

We are always looking for dedicated people to donate their time and efforts to these competitions. We need scramblers and judges for every round of every event, this includes our unofficial events. It is great for parents, siblings, friends, or anyone that wants to come and be involved but does not want to compete yet. We will provide training the morning of the competition for those wishing to help out. If you would like to help out during the competition, please contact us and let us know in order to aid in planning.