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Cube Canada Day Results

Last weekend, the first Atlantic Canada competition took place in Saint John, New Brunswick. The competition was quite different than other competitions we’ve hosted, due in part to the number of competitors and location of the event itself. We basically set up a booth with two timing stations and just rolled through events as we could.

The competition offered a great chance to introduce speedcubing to people who would not normally have been exposed to our activity. The result was a unique, fun filled, fairly relaxed day.

In the end, Justin Jaffray won the competition with an average of 12.94 seconds in the 3x3x3 event. Dave Campbell came second with a 16.49 second average. And Micah Stairs rounded out the top three with a 23.21 second average.

Many thanks to all that came out to spend the day with us. It was nice to meet new cubers, several of whom appeared to be pretty serious about cubing. Hopefully they keep practicing, and perhaps we can look to hold another competition out East in 2012. For full results, click here. Next up is the Toronto Open, Summer 2011 competition.