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NOS2008 Results

Yesterday, canadianCUBING held its 6th competition, this time in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Over 40 competitors descended on the city to compete in 13 different events. Several National Records were broken by Jack Moseley, Eric Limeback, Harris Chan and Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid. Rowe Hessler – up from the USA for his second Canadian competition – set a North American Record in the blindfolded event with the first sub 60 second solve by an American or Canadian.

Winning the 3x3x3 event was Harris Chan with an average in the finals of 11.79 seconds. In second was Eric Limeback at 14.00, and finishing in third was Jason Thong with an average of 14.21 seconds. The full results have been sent to the WCA and will most likely be posted today.

As usual, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank all our volunteers for their selfless contributions to the competition. Thank you to the Moseley family, the Mativo family, the Westermann family for their role in the organization and execution of the competition. And a special thank you to Simba Mai, Sam Boyles, and Andrej Karpathy for scrambling and judging when no one else would.

We will have a report on the competition in the coming weeks. If anyone has pictures, please send them to us as we didn't get the chance to take any.