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TOW2010 Results

The Toronto Open took place this weekend in Toronto. The competition was a success with lots of fun had by most. Congratulations to all the winners, including Justin Jaffray who set the NR for 2x2 average, and Harris Chan for setting the NR for One Handed Single at 14.78 and average at 17.83. He also set the NAR for 3x3 single with 7.33 seconds.

Full results have been sent to the WCA and will be available as soon as they post the data. They will be available here.

Many thanks, as always, to our volunteers and cubers that jumped in to scramble or judge when needed. It is a group effort to pull these off. Thank you. We had about 100 competitors in total, with 92 competitors in the 3x3 event itself.

The next competition in Toronto will most likely be in either March or April. Keep your eye on this site for news.