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VOW2011 Results

The Vancouver Open, Winter 2011 competition took place this past weekend at Science World in Vancouver. As is often the case, Ibrahim Vajgel-Shedid won the competition with an average of 14.44 seconds in the final round. Sittinon Sukhaya finished second with an average of 14.64, and Jacobus Philip Haupt finished in third with a 14.72 second average.

The competition also saw US competitor Kevin Hays show up just long enough to set two world records, one for 6x6x6 single at 1:54.81 and 6x6x6 average at a time of 2:02.13. To see all the results, click here.

There was some media attention as well. You can view the article, photos and video here. Thanks to everyone that came out to make it a fun competition. That’s it for competitions in 2011. We’ll see everyone for more in 2012.